Registration Desk Opening

14:00 - 18:00

Simultaneaous Pre-Congress Courses (including 30 Min break)

Pre-Congress Course “Safe laparoscopy” – MC2

Chairs: George Pistofidis & Stelios Kogeorgos (Greece)

  • Safeguarding the ureter during gynecological operationsAthanasios Protopapas (Greece)
  • Managing ureteric injury – the urologists perspectiveEvangelos Liatsikos (Greece)
  • How to avoid bowel damage during endometriosis surgeryMario Malzoni (Italy)
  • Managing bowel complications – the general surgeons perspectiveSpiros Andrikopoulos (Greece)

Coffee break

  • How to perform nerve sparing operations in DIE operationsJames English (Netherlands)
  • How to prevent neurological injury during complex laparoscopic procedures: investigation & managementHorace Roman (France)
  • How to prevent vascular complications and how to manage them when they occurValerio Gallotta (Italy)
  • Safety of electrical current in laparoscopy and modern generatorsJens Bettin (Greece)
  • Laparoscopic hysterectomy tips & tricksAlexandros Lazaridis (Greece)

Pre-Congress Course “Imaging” – MC3 | Sponsored by

Chairs: Anne-Elodie Millischer-Bellaiche (France) & Alessandra di Giovanni (Italy)

  • Opening
  • Keypoints for adnexal masses and endometrial diseases – UltraSound assessmentEkaterini Domali (Greece)
  • Keypoints for myometrial diseases- UltraSound assessment and ultrasound guided proceduresKobe Dewilde (Belgium)
  • Keypoints for pelvic endometriosis – UltraSound assessment: soft markers and anterior compartmentsCristina Ros Cerro (Spain)
  • Keypoints for pelvic endometriosis- UltraSound assessment: posterolateral compartmentsAlessandra di Giovanni (Italy)
  • Keypoints about MRI assessment of sciatic nerve endometriosis. Fusion imaging of US and MRI in endometriosisAnne-Elodie Millischer-Bellaiche (France)

Coffee break

  • Hands-on session (Live Scanning)

Pre-Congress Course “Diagnosis and operative management of congenital uterine anomalies” – MC3.2

Chairs: Grigoris Grimbizis (Greece) & Minas Paschopoulos (Greece)

  • Current classification proposals of female genital anomaliesGrigoris Grimbizis (Greece)
  • Clinical consequences of congenital uterine anomaliesSotiris Saravelos (France)
  • Current diagnostic algorithms: the role of imaging – Alexandros Sotiriadis (Greece)
  • Current diagnostic algorithms: the role of endoscopyFani Gkrozou (Greece)
  • Surgical treatment of septate uterus: techniques and results – Attilio Di Spiezio Sardo (Italy)
  • Surgical treatment of obstructive anomalies: techniques and resultsMaribel Acien (Spain)
  • Surgical treatment of vaginal aplasiaLina Michala (Greece)

Coffee break

Pre-Congress Course “Assisted reproduction in women in uterine disorders” – MC3.3

Chairs: Pietro Santulli (France) and Gamal Serour (Egypt)

Session 1: ART and endometriosis

  • Getting more eggs in endometriosis affected women: a real challengeJim Tsaltas (Australia)
  • How to improve ART outcomes in presence of adenomyosis – Gamal Serour (Egypt)
  • Fertility preservation and endometriosis – Mathilde Bourdon (France)
  • What can we do in case of implantation failure ? – Antonis Makrigiannakis (Greece)
  • Endometriosis and pregnancy outcomes – Aboubakr Elnashar (Egypt)
  • Panelist discussion

Coffee break

Session 2: ART and fibroids

  • Are we sure that myomas cause infertility? – Silvia Vannuccini (Italy)
  • Should we remove fibroids before surgery:
    • Yes, Surgery – Francisco Carmona (Spain)
    • No, Medical treatment – Fernando Reis (Brazil)
  • Fibroids and obstetrical outcomes – Louis Marcellin (France)
  • Panelist discussion and pre-congress course close summary

Pre-Congress Course “Abnormal Uterine Bleeding and Iron Deficiency: A silent pandemic” – MC3.4

Chairs: Hilary Critchley (UK) and Malcolm Munro (USA)

  • Introduction
  • Global Burden of Anemia and AUB – Malcolm Munro (USA)
  • The Importance of Iron in our Clinical Practice – Michelle Lavin (Ireland)
  • Evaluation of Women (& Girls) with AUB in the Reproductive Years – Hilary Critchley (UK)

Coffee break

  • Rethinking Our Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment of Iron Deficiency – Michelle Lavin (Ireland)
  • Therapy for AUB in the Reproductive Years: Evolution of the personalized approach to treatment – Mary Ann Lumsden (UK)
  • Simultaneous Management of AUB and ID: A strategic approach – Hilary Critchley (UK) & Michelle Lavin (Ireland)
  • Evidence Gaps – All of the experts
  • Discussion and meeting close summary
07:30 - 08:30

Registration Desk Opening

08:30 - 12:00

SEUD Surgical Talk Show – Worldwide Expert Round table – Auditorium

International experts: Marcello Ceccaroni (Italy),Gaby Moawad (USA), Filipa Osorio (Portugal), George Pistofidis (Greece), Aleksander Popov (Russia), Athanasios Protopapas (Greece), Horace Roman (France) & Attilio di Spiezo (Italy)

  • Recorded surgical cases, Debates, Strategies and Challenges

08:30 - 12:00

Simultaneous  National Sessions

National Session – CANADAMC3.2 | Sponsored by

Chair: Philippe Laberge

  • Welcome and introduction Philippe Laberge
  • Trilogy of endometriosis: Imaging for diagnosis and stagingMathew Leonardi
  • Medical optionsCatherine Allaire
  • Surgical approachMadeleine Lemyre
  • Panel discussion
  • Hysteroscopic resection and complicationsGeorge Vilos
  • Ambulatory hysteroscopic proceduresPhilippe Laberge
  • Discussion and conclusion

National Session – INDIAMC3.3

Chair: Parul Kotdawala

  • Medical management and alternative therapiesParul Kotdawala
  • Robots in endometriosis surgeryRooma Sinha
  • Cystic adenomyosisDivyesh Shukla
  • Adolescent EndometriosisPriti Vyas
  • Fertility preserving endometriosis surgeryAtul Ganatra
  • ART in endometriosis – Making it rightKuldeep Jain
  • Endometrioma surgery – Nuances & ovarian reserveMalvika Mishra
  • Endometriosis in India – The challenges, survey & role of ESIPradip Mitra
  • Panel discussion

National Session – IRANMC3.4

Chair: Saeed Alborzi

New insights in adenomyosis

  • Ultrasound in adenomyosisSaeed Alborzi
  • MRI in adenomyosisMehrzad Lotfi
  • Medical treatment of adenomyosisZiba Zahiri
  • Surgical treatment of adenomyosisTahereh Poordast
  • Minimaly invasive methods for treatment of adenomyosisElham Askari
  • Adenomyosis and infertilitySaghar Salehpoor

12:00 - 13:00

Lunch Symposium – MC2 | Sponsored by

The Critical Role of Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Endometriosis and Uterine Pathologies

  • Use of Ultrasound vs. MRI in EndometriosisAnne-Elodie Millischer Bellaiche (France)
  • Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Uterine DisordersEkaterini Domali (Greece)
  • Live Ultrasound Scan
12:00 - 13:00

Lunch break & Exhibition visit – Exhibition Hall

13:00 - 13:15

Opening Ceremony – Auditorium

SEUD President: Francisco Carmona (Spain)
SEUD Congress Presidents : George Pistofidis & Athanasios Protopapas (Greece)

13:15 - 13:45

Keynote Lecture – Auditorium

Chairs: Francisco Carmona (Spain) & Theodoros Theodoridis (Greece)

  • How close are we to building an artificial uterus?Alejandro Aguilera-Castrejon (Israel)

13:45 - 15h15

Plenary Session 1 – Pelvic Pain – Auditorium

Chairs: Felice Petraglia (Italy) & Dimitris Valsamidis (Greece)

  • Mechanisms of chronic pelvic pain Andrew Horne (UK)
  • Endometriosis related painCharles Chapron (France)
  • Endometriosis-related pain and surgical strategyMarcello Ceccaroni (Italy)
  • Central Sensitization of pelvic painSawsan As-Sanie (USA)

15:15 - 16h15

Symposium – MC2 | Sponsored by

Strategies to maximize clinical outcomes when dealing with complex endometriosis scenarios

  • Introductions
  • How to maximize fertility outcomes using Ultra conservative surgery for deep endometriosisJean-Philippe Estrade (France)
  • How to identify key structures and endometriotic disease during advanced endometriosis casesHelder Ferreira (Portugal)
  • Efficient and safe use of energy during deep endometriosis surgeryFrancisco Carmona (Spain)
  • Q&A

15:15 - 16h15

Symposium – Auditorium | Sponsored by

Endometriosis management – Does geography matter?
Sharing best practice on different endometriosis management algorithms, the impact of culture on the perception of the disease, and the management options around the world.

Nicholas Leyland (Canada)
Uri Dior (Israel)
Jessica Opuku-Anane (USA)

16:15 - 16:45

Coffee break & Exhibition visit – Exhibition Hall

16:45 - 17h15

Experts’ Discussion “Linzagolix: a new oral GnRH antagonist” – Auditorium
Sponsored by

Chair: Charles Chapron (France)

  • Linzagolix in uterine fibroidsJacques Donnez (Belgium)
  • Linzagolix and endometriosisFelice Petraglia (Italy)

17:15 - 18h45

Plenary Session 2 – Pelvic Surgery and uterine disorders – Auditorium

Chairs: James English (Netherlands) & Athanasios Protopapas (Greece)

  • The value of ICG during surgery for deep endometriosisHorace Roman (France)
  • New energy tools during pelvic surgeryFrancisco Carmona (Spain)
  • The essentials of multi-disciplinary input in surgical management of deep infiltrative endometriosisAlan Lam (Australia)
  • Obstetric outcome and complications following myomectomy or resection of adenomyosisTasuku Harada (Japan)
18:45 - 19:30

Welcome cocktail – Patio

07:30 - 08:00

Registration Desk Opening

08:00 - 09:30

Plenary Session 3 – Recurrence of endometriosis and uterine disorders – Auditorium

Chairs: Charles Chapron (France) & George Pados (Greece)

  • Recurrence of pain in endometriosisMichael Mueller (Swiss)
  • Endometriosis: progressive or not?Sun Wei Guo (China)
  • Imaging for follow-up of adenomyosis and fibroidsAlessandra Di Giovanni (Italy)
  • How to best prevent recurrence of myomas?Jacques Donnez (Belgium)

09:30 - 10:00

SEUD Innovation Session – Auditorium

Chair: Jean-Philippe Estrade (France)

  • FEMTECH: The new paradigmsAfchine Fazel (France)
  • Endometriosis digital therapy: LUNA projectJean-Philippe Estrade (France)
10:00 - 10:30

Coffee break & Exhibition visit – Exhibition Hall

10:30 - 11:30

Radical surgery for endometriosis vs conservative surgery combined with medical treatment
– Auditorium

Chairs: Engin Oral (Turkey) & Giannis Koutoukos (Greece)

  • Alexander Popov (Russia)
  • Mauricio Abrao (Brazil)

10:30 - 11:30

Simultaneous Free Communications

Find the program on the dedicated page

11:30 - 12:00

Keynote Lecture – Auditorium

Chairs: Jacques Donnez (Belgium) & Kostas Mavromatis (Greece)

  • “Adenomyosis surgery yes… but when? how? How much? By whom?” George Pistofidis (Greece)

12:00 - 13:00

Lunch Symposium – Auditorium | Sponsored by

Relugolix Combination Therapy, the 1st GnRH Antagonist in Europe for the management of Uterine Fibroids
Chair: Francisco Carmona (Spain)

  • Relugolix Combination Therapy in women with symptomatic uterine fibroidsAyman Al-Hendy (USA)
  • Management of Bone Mineral Density in Pre-Menopausal WomenPeyman Hadji (Germany)
12:00 - 13:00

Lunch break & Exhibition visit – Exhibition Hall

13:00 - 14:30

Plenary Session 4 – Hormonal Medical Management for uterine disorders – Auditorium | Supported by an educational grant by

Chairs: Michael Mueller (Switzerland) & Minas Mastrominas (Greece)

  • Endometriosis – Felice Petraglia (Italy)
  • MyomaAyman Al-Hendy (USA)
  • Adenomyosis Yutaka Osuga (Japan)
  • AUB – Fernando Reis (Brazil)

14:30 - 15:30

Symposium – Auditorium | Sponsored by

The IRONy of HMB: Improving patient’s outcomes

HMB-ID: ValIDAting the Relationship Malcolm G. Munro (USA)
Patient Blood Management: The IDeAal care of the HMB PatientDaniel Surbek (Switzerland)

15:30 - 16:00

Coffee break & Exhibition visit – Exhibition Hall

16:00 - 17:00

Is it necessary to systematically check for chronic endometritis in infertility?
– Auditorium

Chairs: Gamal Serour (Egypt) & Minas Paschopoulos (Greece)

  • YESAntonis Makrigiannakis (Greece)
  • NO – Jim Tsaltas (Australia)

16:00 - 17:00

Simultaneous Free Communications

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17:00 - 18:00

Simultaneous Free Communications

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SEUD Gala Dinner

07:30 - 08:00

Registration Desk Opening

09:00 - 10:30

Plenary Session 5 – Infertility and Pelvic disorders – Auditorium

Chairs: Pietro Santulli (France) & Dimitris Loutradis (Greece)

  • Microbiota and human reproduction – Inmaculada Moreno (Spain)
  • Is unexplained female infertility a reality? – Antonio Pellicer (Spain)
  • Endometrioma management in cases of fertility preservation – Juan Garcia Velasco (Spain)
  • ART protocol in endometriosis/adenomyosis patients – Engin Oral (Turkey)

10:30 - 11:00

SEUD Grant Research Result – Auditorium

Chair: Francisco Carmona (Spain)

  • 2020 Grant research winnerOlga Bougie (Canada)
11:00 - 11:30

Brunch break & Exhibition visit – Exhibition hall

11:30 - 12:00

Keynote lecture – Auditorium

Chairs: Paola Vigano (Italy) & Antonis Makrigiannakis (Greece)

  • Endometriomas : Etiopathogenesis and Management to maximize ovarian function. – Ceana Nezhat (USA)

12:00 - 13:30

Plenary Session 6 – Abnormal Uterine Bleeding – Auditorium

Chairs: Fernando Reis (Brazil) & Angelos Danilidis (Greece)

  • Haemostatic mechanisms during menstruation in healthy and diseased uterus – Hilary Critchley (UK)
  • Is there a participation of stem cell in AUB? – Hugh Taylor (USA)
  • How do you investigate women with AUB? – Philippe Laberge (Canada)
  • Uterine-sparing surgical techniques for the management of AUB – James English (Netherlands)

13:30 - 14:00

Awards & Closing Ceremony – Auditorium

SEUD President: Francisco Carmona (Spain)
SEUD Congress Presidents : George Pistofidis & Athanasios Protopapas (Greece)